Thursday, June 2, 2011

Learning is exciting when you're saving money!

Ok, so I have had some people ask me for tips on how to save money when they do their shopping (grocery). So I said I would begin to list some tips that I have come across along with some websites. I have learned it does take some time to get this "stock" pile built up and it does not happen all at once. But can you imagine if it piled so high you could and would share with families, friends and people you may not even know because you DO have enough. Anyways, this is my goal.

First tip is to be patient! I was actually a bit disappointed when I only saved sixty someodd dollars the first time, but I have heard from people this was actually a really good savings for the first time.

#2 Not ever day is a shopping day and you will not go to the store and get what you want all the time!!

#3 Don't throw those flyers out!! You will need them to compare prices with ever store. That store you don't like might actually have something good there-CHEAP!

#4 Even though you may not use a product, but you know you will get it cheap or for free-Get it! Some one you know may need it or you could donate it or it may give you point on your shopping card(cvs).


#6 get something to store your coupons in. I got one of those little coupon holders and it actually is way to small. I am going to try to get a coupon book instead because you can organise it better and find the coupons you need fast.

#7 PLAN AHEAD!! Write down what you are going to get at each store you go t. Seperate the oupons with paper clips so you know which store the go to with the list of things you will get there.

#8 Don't just go to one store. You will not get the deals if you limit yurself to just one store! At the lest have about four store to go to!

#9 Research you stores coupon policies and find out if the do double or triple coupons. Follw this link below to see krogers policy for coupons...,

And I think Albertsons will triple.

#10 Place the words "printable coupons" in the google search bar and watch what you come up with!

#11 Join blogs on couponing because plenty of people will list good deals with the link for the coupons for them. They will show you how to get the deal also. Here is a link below to some of the blogs I have...,


#13 On facebook you can search for a product name and hit the like button and they will preview and coupons or specials they might have every week on you home page!! Social ntworking is a GREAT place to find coupons!!!

#14 You will be giving out your email. Do this even if you don't want to because they will send you all kinds of deals!! Check them daily!

#15 Last but certainly NOT least....,CHECK YOU EXPER. DATES EVERY WEEK by cleaning out you coupon book! There's nothing like havding an expired coupon to the casier hoping to get an awesome deal and then seeing it go down the drain! :)

I hope this help a little to start andI will list more things later as I learn them orrrr maybe you could comment on some things you learn to show me! I don't know how to do ALL of it yet! It's a work in process, but in due time will be worth it!

Some links to some site for coupons. I can't list them all cause there are soooooo many!! Well good luck and don't forget to share your saving with me!!!

I know that's alot, but when you're saving it really isn't!  I hope some of this information helped you a little.  I look forward to sharing some more as I save.  Until then-Happy hunting!

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  1. It is exciting when you save a substantial amount of money when shopping, things are so expensive these days. I know I had one of those little coupon folders at one time, couldn't keep track of my coupons very well with it....I have never seen a coupon book, let me know where you find one.