Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hoping for new savings!

So I started going through this weeks fliers and noticed that the coupons that had come out two weeks ago are just now starting to go on sale at the stores.  I went ahead and did some research on that thought and found out that this is pretty intentional!  Ha ha...I got them.  So I have four Tostino pizza coupons each for .55 off and the pizzas are on sale this week for .88 a piece!! DEAL! Also-more hot dogs to come because Carnival has their bar s hot dogs on sale for .48 a piece and I still have three coupons left that are $1/ 1  Oh this is great!  There are also some more bargains I caught, but it's late and I'm finally tired.  I will share some more tomorrow!  Night folks.

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